Sri Lanka’s National Case Modding Series

What is the Monster Rig competition?

The Gamer.LK Monster Rig competition is back! The very best custom-built and modded PCs will battle it out for the title as the ultimate “Monster Rig of Sri Lanka”!

How to enter?

Head to and submit the details requested on the registration form to submit your rig. Entries should follow the Contest Rules below. After your submission, you will receive the necessary instructions such as when to bring your rig, etc.


Date: 9th December 2017
Judging starts: 11:00AM

All contestants must be setup and ready by 10:00AM

Judging Criteria

Remember, it’s not just about having spent the most amount of money on your machine. We will be looking at a number of factors such as:


  • Differentiates from normal case/rig in form and appearance.
  • Alters original computer case/rig based on barebones product.
  • Includes a variety of advanced and novel additions that are unique.
  • Demonstrates user personality.


  • Case/rig is in finished form.
  • Nothing needs to be added or taken away.
  • Details are sharp and clean.
  • Peripheral elements are in proper arrangement and proportion.


  • Case/rig demonstrates a theme and has an overall artistic expression.
  • Case/rig utilizes unique parts custom built to incorporate theme.
  • Design and execution.


  • Rig functions as a properly working computer.
  • Components are applied correctly and can allow for even greater performance.
  • Especially detailed and applied with care for functionality.
  • Difficulty in attachment integration.
  • Unique appearance and modification result.


  • A one of a kind case/mod that demonstrates an extreme design execution and excels in all fields in addition to having an incredible presence and originality.

Contest Rules

  1. All entries should be of rigs currently owned by the entrant and located in Sri Lanka. One cannot enter rigs on behalf of others.
  2. All entries should be the original work of the Entrant and/or owned by the Entrant and not owned by any other brand or entity.
  3. One cannot add to or modify the rig between submission of the entry and the participation at the event.
  4. Every entry should be sent in with a validated CPU-Z screen shot.
  5. Acceptance of entries will be based on a number of factors, decided by the organisers. The organisers reserve the unconditional right to deny entry or disqualify an entrant at any point in the competition.
  6. One entrant can enter any number of rigs for the competition.
  7. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges at Play Expo 2017. The decision of the panel of judges regarding winning entries will be final.
  8. Upon entry of contest, further details on when to bring the rig and who to contact, etc will be made available.
  9. Security will be provided for the rigs during any overnight or time when the venue is closed, but responsibility of the rigs during the event time (eg: between 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) will be in the hands of the entrant. The organizers will not be liable to provide support or security to your rigs during the event.